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My husband and I are not new to the horse-drawn carriage business. In 1985 we opened Country Carriages in Julian California. In 1995 we expanded into the funeral industry with Homeward Bound funeral carriages traveling all over Southern California, and have many of the more prestigious cemeteries and funeral homes as clients. After providing our carriage for a special military service in 2004 at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in Point Loma, California, we were  asked by the Director of the cemetery, William Livingston if we might be interested in providing a carriage for veterans services at the new Miramar National Cemetery when it was completed. We submitted a proposal. However, due to current budget constraints, funding through the Veterans Administration is not available. Since this is such a meaningful tribute to our Veterans and their families, we began providing this service on the first day of burials April 14, 2011 at our own expense hoping to garner the support of the local business community. We cannot continue to provide this service free of charge to the families who have lost their loved ones (many of them could never afford this service) without major financial support. We hope you can see the emotional value and importance of this service for the Veterans. Final Honor, is the only privately owned horse drawn funeral carriage company working on any veterans administaration cemetery in the USA providing this unforgettable service for any veteran regardless of rank or time served at no cost to the family.


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